Another Great GCSE Year for The Towers 2019.

The Towers proudly announces yet another year of excellent GCSE results, in which the girls achieved an extremely impressive 98.3% Level 9 to 4. These superb achievements place us, as a non-selective school, comfortably among the nationally published results of selective schools with 65.53% of the grades between Level 9 to 7. Every single girl is to be congratulated on her hard work and determination to do her very best.

Two notable success stories are Kira Freeman, who achieved 10 GCSEs at Level 9, 1 at Level 8 and an A in Additional Mathematics and Madelaine Parmar, who secured 9 GCSEs with 7 at Level 9, 1 at Level 8, 1 at Level 7 and a C in Additional Mathematics.

Mrs Trelfa, outgoing Headmistress,  said, “Towers girls never let us or themselves down. We are incredibly proud of all of them, their achievements, hard work and resilience. They thoroughly deserve their excellent results, which were enabled by our extremely dedicated teaching staff and the support of their families. I wish them the very best of luck for the future.”

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Added Value 

Throughout the school we use tests supplied and marked by the CEM Centre (The Centre for Evaluating and Monitoring) in Durham University. This information is baseline data, which, together with our teachers’ ongoing pupil assessments, gives us an idea of how best to nurture, support and motivate pupils.

Pupils sit these tests in the following years:

  • InCAS tests in Years 4 and 6
  • MidYIS tests in Year 7
  • Yellis test in Year 10

All of these tests are innovative, computer-adaptive assessments designed to help teachers identify each individual’s development needs and personalise learning.

The tests are designed to measure pupils’ aptitude for, and attitude to, learning. They monitor pupil progress throughout KS1, 2 and 3 and facilitate transition to KS4 with value-added progress measures and target-setting information for GCSEs. These predictions can (and often do) improve as pupils move through the school, especially with The Towers academic tracking and pastoral care.

The year-on-year feedback we receive underlines the fact that Towers education makes all the difference. Even with the increased difficulty of exams and the stricter marking, we are proud to announce that, on average each pupil improves her initial predictions by at least one whole grade in each subject.

You will undoubtedly agree that this is quite a feat across ten or eleven subjects. Well done, girls!

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