The Sisters & The Towers

The Early History Of The Towers and The Sisters

At the end of the nineteenth and beginning of the twentieth century
anti-clerical laws in France brought about the closure of many convents.
There were so many Sisters converging on the Mother house at that time,
that it was difficult to house them all. Most of our Paris houses eventually closed.
Sister St.Mery from our school at Montrouge, Paris, came to found The Towers.
Much of the correspondence concerning these early years is extant and has been
translated for your interest. It shows that for many years, things were far from
easy for our first Sisters at The Towers.


At the same time as The Towers was being founded, some of our Sisters were sailing many
thousands of miles across the ocean to make foundations in Brazil. Sister Mary Agnes
was Sister Mary Agnes Maling Wynch, who eventually purchased The Towers and gave it to the congregation.

first sisters The Sisters

The above picture shows the first Sisters at The Towers. Sister St.Mery (Superior) who after a few years in
England volunteered to join foundations in Brazil. The others were Sister Fanelie, Sister St.Wilfred,
Sister St. Marcelle, Sister Marguerite de Jesus, Sister Radegonde, Sister St.Sylvain and Sister M.Michael.


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