Student Testimonials

Testimonials from the Head and Deputy Head Girl.

head girl tinevimbo testimonials “I only arrived at The Towers in 2015 and already it has a very special place in my heart as being here has enabled me to grow as a person, have confidence and aim high. With assistance from my teacher’s, the Sister’s and fellow students I have been able to identify and develop many hidden talents from public speaking to team sports. The culture, ethos and atmosphere here have allowed this to happen. I feel privileged to be a part of an embracing, challenging and exciting community.”

Tinevimbo Chumbu (Head Girl)

deputy head girl harriet thornton testimonials “If I had to sum up The Towers in four words I would choose; family, friendship, confidence and belief. For me The Towers has been a major building block shaping who I am today. The school has such a close community, everyone’s supportive, allowing myself and other to grow into mature young women. I’m confident, thanks to the wonderful opportunities accessible here. Being here has allowed me to find and pursue a passion for performance; taking the lead in our school production of Annie was a dream come true and I believe The Towers makes dreams come true!” This school allows you to be you and that’s what I love.”

Harriet Thornton (Deputy Head Girl)