Effective 01-09-2018 Fees are per term unless otherwise stated

Registration Fee 100.00
Entry Examination Fee 50.00
Refundable Deposit (End of Year 11) 600.00
Reception 2,730.00
Junior – Year 1 & 2 2,730.00
Junior  – Years 3-6 3,145.00
Senior  – Years 7-8 3,685.00
Senior – Years 9-11 3,850.00
Junior/Senior School Wrap Around Care         7.30am-8am Free
Junior/Senior School Wrap Around Care         4pm-5pm Free
Junior/Senior School Wrap Around Care         5pm-6pm 6.00 per session
Minibus Travel per Journey (booked in advance per term) 3.75 per journey
Occasional Minibus Use per Journey 5.50 per journey
PTA Subscription 5.00

Admission Process The five stages of Admission are as follows:

1. Initial contact with The Towers

2. Complete registration form and return with fee

3. Arrange a taster day and sit an entry exam

4. Offer a place

5. Signed acceptance and payment of deposit

Fees And Withdrawals

The annual fee is divided into termly amounts to facilitate payment. Fees are payable before or on the first day of term. In the event of withdrawal without a full term’s notice parents are required to pay a term’s fees in lieu.

In respect of overdue accounts, a reminder will be sent after 7 days. Interest can be charged on the late payment of fees at 3% above bank rate. This will appear on the end of term invoices for arrears accrued during the previous term. The Trustees reserve the right to refuse attendance of a pupil until all fees have been paid.

The Headmistress reserves the right to suspend a girl or to ask parents to remove her permanently from the school without a term’s notice, if she considers that circumstances warrant such action. In such cases a refund of fees in part or in full will be at the discretion of the Headmistress.

School fees are not refunded to pupils who have been absent from school for a considerable time during a term through illness, accident or other causes, but parents may take out a personal insurance for this.

Parents are required to pay GCSE and other examination Fees in advance of the examinations.

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Following signed acceptance of your place, a deposit of £600 is charged, this will be credited against the final invoice issued when the pupil leaves The Towers. The deposit is not refunded if your daughter does not take up a place at the school. For full Terms and Conditions please click here.

Other activities at an extra cost

These vary but may include, but not limited to, music & dance, speech and drama, Sports Leader Award (Year 10+), Duke of Edinburgh Award (Year 10+), KS3 Food Technology, additional KS4 resources dependent on GCSE options, residential and all day trips, GCSE and ICT Diploma exam fees.

The cost of music lessons is £170.00 per term; there are 30 lessons a year. For music lessons and similar, the parent enters into a private arrangement with the teacher who sends out his/her own accounts. These cannot be added to the termly bills. It is the policy of the school that a half term’s notice, or fees in lieu, should be given to the peripatetic teacher when lessons are to stop.

Academic Support

Pupils with special needs, such as dyslexia, receive sympathetic handling in the classroom, and academic support may be available by private arrangement at extra cost.

Where academic support is required all charges are agreed in advance though these may be billed in arrears where there is uncertainty about the pupil’s support at the start of the term.

Early Years Funding

The Towers is registered for Early Years Free Entitlement.

Bursaries and Discounts

The Trustees and Governors of The Towers are committed to broadening access to eligible parents/guardians means-tested financial support with the payment of school fees. For further information please see guidance and forms below.

Means-tested Bursary Policy and Guidance

Bursary Application Form

Sibling reductions are applicable to tuition fees only and are available to pupils from main school entry.

2nd child 4%

3rd child 5%

Regarding bursaries, awards and discounts reductions apply only to the basic termly school fees and not to extras such as peripatetic lessons, residential trips, external exam fees etc.


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