The excited netball teams from year 10, 9 and a combined year 7/8 left for a netball weekend at PGL Windmill Hill on Friday 28th February. The year 9’s started their tournament at 8.30 am on Saturday in cold, wet and windy weather but they did amazingly throughout the morning. They only lost one game 5-3 and won others 25-0 and 23-0. The year 10’s first game was a little later but they also had to overcome terrible weather in order to win all of their games.  By lunchtime, the year 9’s and 10’s had finished their netball for the day having had a very successful morning. This meant they had the afternoon to take part in the PGL adventure activities.

After lunch the combined year 7/8 team started their tournament again, battling against the now extremely windy weather.  They worked hard and as always showed great determination with a mix of results, some won and some lost.

Sunday morning was again another early, wet and windy start.  All teams had to play two more games to see if they qualified for the semi-finals. Both the year 9 and 10’s qualified and they played two very good games.  The year 10’s game was especially close.  This meant both Towers teams went to play in the finals.  The years 9’s worked so hard but were unable to beat the one team they lost to in the tournament and they came 2nd.  The year 10’s played a nail biting 12 minutes as the game was goal for goal but they managed to keep going and won by 2 goals, making them the winner of the year 10/11 tournament.

A great weekend and great results.

Miss Swain






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