Saturday 14th December at 2.30am: 46 students and 5 staff met at school to leave for the ski trip to Alpe d’ Huez, France. All were excited and really looking forward to getting there, having heard that there had been lots of snow over the last few days. After a very turbulent journey, which culminated in being redirected to Lyon from Geneva, plus being held on the aeroplane for three hours, we did finally and safely get to Hotel Belle Aurore.

Sunday morning bought much excitement as we all got suited and booted for our ski lessons and the slopes.  The first day was amazing and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves; some beginners found it a little more taxing than others did but everyone had a lot of fun.  The week continued from Monday to Thursday with great conditions for skiing and everyone was making great progress as they gained more confidence and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Friday did bring very windy and wet conditions, which meant it was quite a challenge in the morning, but nothing that a cup of hot chocolate could not sort out. However, it was decided that we would not go in the afternoon, so we stayed in the dry and warm to watch a film and enjoy a Christmas party. To finish off the week in style, while we were inside a large amount of snow had fallen rapidly, which meant the girls were able to have their last snowball fight before leaving early the next morning.

Not only were the girls busy during the days, the evening activities too were full. Sunday evening was one of the highlights as all the girls took on the vertigo challenge: an indoor obstacle course on the ceiling. Monday night was film night – after two days of skiing, a rest was much appreciated.  Tuesday was Karaoke, where the Towers girls did not disappoint; it really was a very fun and entertaining evening: even the teachers got up and sang. On Wednesday night, we all demonstrated our skills on the ice, at the outdoor ice skating rink. Thursday was disco night, which is always a great atmosphere.  Friday night bought the trip to an end and it was time to pack and tidy the rooms.

Our overall verdict: a great week and many fabulous memories were made.

Miss Swain

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