Towers pupils have definitely embraced the beautifully decorated snails currently in Brighton and Hove as part of Martlets’ Snailspace initiative to raise money for their hospice. Pupils have made the most of the lovely autumnal weather to visit as many snails as possible. Whilst out and about, the main focus of their attention has been the two Towers’ snails, Sparkle (the adult one) and Sweet Tooth (the baby). As you can see from the photos, even one of the teacher’s dogs (Bramble) got in on the act!

Although local artist, Kim Anderson, designed and painted Sparkle, Sweet Tooth was designed by Bea G, who was in Year 6 last year and all the junior pupils contributed to her original look. Sweet Tooth will come back to live at The Towers at the end of the campaign in December, when Sparkle is auctioned off.

As a school we are really getting into the Snailspace spirit by slowing down, enjoying and living for every moment. We have followed the theme at our recent Open Evening and next week we are having a BeMoreSnail day

On Wednesday 10th October, the whole school and staff will be doing a sponsored walk seeing as many snails as possible. You will be able to spot our pupils in their distinctive, bright red uniforms, so please cheer them on as they walk round raising money for terminally ill people.

To find out more and see more photos, click here.

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