The Towers Seniors

The strong sense of family and “home from home” extends right through The Juniors into The Seniors. The senior department of the school starts at Year 7 and finishes at Year 11 and is for girls only. Strong relationships prevail throughout both the senior and junior department and major contributors to the warm, close-knit community.


Forms have form tutors and Year 10 form mentors supporting them. Tutors work closely with their pupils to support them emotionally and academically, helping them to become strong, resilient leaders of the future. A school chaplain is available throughout the school day for any pupil, who may need that little extra nurture. A comprehensive Personal, Social, Health and Economic programme runs in every year group dealing with issues such as friendships, exam preparation and finance. 

The six Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament are an integral part of our pastoral provision. Although they do not teach, they carry out playground supervision, deliver first aid, do supervision duties and know each and every child well.  Our school dog, Skye, was trained by pupils and many play with her on a daily basis, which greatly enhances their emotional development.


Pupil and staff wellbeing are at the heart of everything we do. Every Wednesday is a Wellbeing Wednesday on which, tutors work through activities specifically designed to promote good mental, physical and emotional health. A wellbeing club gives individual pupils an opportunity to explore their feelings and a Mindfulness course delivered in Yr9 helps pupils develop anti-stress techniques and learn to live “in the now”


Great emphasis is placed on extra-curricular activities, which not only help create firm friendships but also build confidence. A broad range of activities is available both at lunchtime and after school. As half the pupils are transported by our new fleet of school minibuses, the majority of clubs take place during the lunch hour. However, clubs or study are available after school as part of the free wraparound care, which starts at 7.30am and finishes at 5.00pm.


As we are lucky enough to have a wealth of historical and cultural places nearby, educational day trips run throughout the school. Residentials run from Year 5 but in The Seniors, pupils are able to visit countries such as France, Spain, Italy (skiing) Iceland and the USA. Trips greatly enhance the pupils’ learning and are usually the source of many wonderful memories.


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