The curriculum at The Towers covers all aspects of learning. Click on a subject to find out more.

Art lessons give the pupils a safe place in which to experiment, discover their own art style, and constructively evaluate their own and each other’s work which builds confidence, appreciation of others work and understanding.

Pupils learn to use their creative design skills and passion for learning to solve problems in a safe environment that enables them to become confident learners and create good quality products.

Drama lessons help pupils to build their confidence, empathize with others and to be better at speaking in public. They learn to analyse and interact in ways that benefit them in all areas of school and beyond.

We provide a lively and diverse curriculum, which encourages creativity and a genuine passion for literature and language, and pupils are encouraged to stretch their imaginations by using a variety of interesting stimulus.

This is an exciting and creative course, which focuses on practical cooking skills to ensure pupils develop a thorough understanding of nutrition and develop practical skills such as planning.

Through teaching Geography we stimulate an interest and sense of awe and wonder about the world. Through fun, challenging lessons we empower pupils with knowledge and understanding of the world.

We believe history should be enjoyable as well as engaging and aim to make history lessons fun, factual and fast-paced. Pupils develop a whole host of skills that are applied to all subject and to life in general.

Pupils learn how to use technology with confidence and essential skills such as understanding and being able to solve diverse problems, which is then applied to their chosen subjects at KS4 and beyond.

We deliver the most exciting, challenging and enjoyable lessons possible, whilst making the subject relevant and interactive so each individual pupil develops confidence in their own ability and make excellent progress.

There is a broad range of activities that are aimed at developing an enthusiasm for languages and cultures. Pupils become more confident in their own abilities thus enabling them to take their place in the global community.

Music lessons bring together intellect and feeling as well as encouraging personal expression, emotional development and reflection. Pupils work together and constructively evaluate each other’s work.

Our aim is to enable the pupils enjoyment by encouraging interest and enthusiasm towards all activities, establish self-esteem and confidence as well as develop physical competence in a variety of activities.

Photography forms a means of personal enquiry and expression for the pupils involving the selection and manipulation of images. Pupils will use creative approaches which go beyond just observing and recording.

Pupils develop the knowledge, skills and attributes they need to manage many of the critical opportunities, challenges and responsibilities they will face as they grow up and build self-esteem, resilience and empathy.

We create a safe environment where all pupils, of whatever race, colour, creed or status, are equally valued, have equal opportunity to fulfil their academic potential and learn respect, love of God and each other.

This is an awe-inspiring subject, which stimulates pupils’ interest and understanding of the natural world and universe and enrich their learning through a variety of activities, which take place both within and outside the classroom.


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