The Art and Design Department aims to create an atmosphere that is stimulating and conducive to individual learning, helping pupils to fulfil their own potential, achieve excellence, independence and diversity. Art lessons give the pupils a safe place in which to experiment and discover their own art style. Each pupil is encouraged to constructively evaluate their own and each other’s work. This helps build confidence, appreciation of others work and understanding.

We look at the different functions of drawing as communication across different cultures and historical perspectives such as Cave Drawings and Computer Aided Design. Practical tasks help the students to gain confidence and skills with a range of different drawing media and techniques such as painting, charcoal, clay, brush and wash. Pupils work from a mix of observation and imagination. Pupils are encouraged to work in a range of 2D and 3D media with several different outcomes, developing basic skills and working towards a more resolved project on sculpture. There is also a weekly Art Club which is open to all.


The Towers
Henfield Road
Upper Beeding
West Sussex BN44 3TF

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