In Design and Technology, we promote a safe environment that enables pupils to become confident learners. They will learn to use their creative design skills and passion for learning to solve problems and create good quality products. Students will learn about the different materials that they use and will be encouraged to use products with an awareness of conserving the worlds resources. Pupils will learn to analyse the product they will make, design their own products, make their designs and finally evaluate the work they have created.

They will learn to make acrylic badges and will learn about the different qualities of thermo plastics and thermosetting plastics. Pupils learn about the different properties of wood and will make a hard wood veneer keyring. Pupils will make a slot together toy for a child and must design the toy to fit into an A5 flat shape. Outcomes can vary greatly for each individual and no two responses are expected to be the same. Pupils will be encouraged to use their research and work independently. They will then test their products making modifications if needed.


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