Drama helps pupils to build their confidence, empathize with others and to be better at speaking in public. They learn to analyse and interact in ways which benefit them in all areas of school and beyond. The drama department creates an atmosphere where everyone feels confident to show and evaluate their work and are supportive of others. We provide the pupils with a safe environment in which they can explore attitudes towards bullying, racism and intolerance thereby promoting inclusion and the benefits of a multi-cultural society.

Lessons are held in the Studio; a large flexible playing space. Pupils can rearrange the rostra to suit their needs and to give the best performance. There is also a mirror covered wall at one end so students can assess their own progress and work. Performances such as GCSE Drama and the Year Eight Drama Competition also take place here as it provides an intimate atmosphere with flexibility regarding audience position. Performances such as the winter term musical and Towers Performing Arts Evening are held in the Gym where there is a proscenium arch stage and a rostrum. This space gives pupils the opportunity to experience performing in a larger auditorium with the added necessity for greater voice projection.


The Towers
Henfield Road
Upper Beeding
West Sussex BN44 3TF

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