Geography is a subject which is alive and very relevant today. Through teaching Geography we stimulate an interest and sense of awe and wonder about the world. It opens our eyes to what is beautiful and ugly about our planet. Through fun, challenging lessons we assist our pupils in making sense of this complex and dynamically challenging world. We empower pupils with knowledge and understanding of the world by encouraging them to question their local and global environment and society. Ultimately geography empowers us to make better decisions and have a positive impact upon our society and environment.

We remind pupils that they are an integral part of geography and they impact our planet; they are the future of this dynamic world and they can make a positive difference.We study both physical and human geography. Advances in technology, such as satellite photographs, and many other resources on the internet, enable us to bring geography to life for the pupils, making it interesting and relevant for them. Where possible, geography field trips are also used to enhance learning. There are many opportunities for pupils to experience a sense of awe and wonder of the natural world. Many of the geographical issues that we study have a moral dimension. They provide opportunities for pupils to develop a sense of fairness and justice through the exploration of values and attitudes, particularly with issues related to economic development, trade and aid. It will inspire faith and may, at times, lead us to question our faith. In studying these issues, pupils have the opportunity to develop their spiritual, moral, ethical, social and cultural understanding.

Extra-Curricular Activities

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Juicy geography


Geography Quotes from Towers Pupils

“Geography is a lesson on your timetable with a star next to it as you can’t wait to learn”

“There may be more to life than geography, but it’s the best place to start”

“The diagrams and pictures really help me learn”

“Geography rocks – especially metamorphic!”


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