At The Towers engaging and supporting learning, for all our pupils, is at the heart of what we do. We recognise each child is a unique and individual learner with strengths and needs, and that children may excel or even experience difficulties in particular areas. We teach, support and encourage each child to engage in and recognise his or her learning process in order to develop his/her potential.

SEND Pupils

The majority of learning support takes place within the classroom, through differentiation, careful lesson planning and pupil groupings. With regard to pupils with learning difficulties, subject and class teachers, work with the SENCo and parents to produce a School Support Plan, outlining strategies and support tools to enable pupils with learning differences to access and enjoy a fully inclusive education. Tutors, subject and class teachers, work collaboratively with the SENCo to identify needs and provide support strategies to help the pupils to thrive across the school. Working across the school from Reception to Year 11, and in partnership with parents and pupils, we seek to identify needs early and develop a shared understanding of any difficulties.

In some instances, and in consultation with parents, we may decide that additional support is needed. In addition to subject and SEND support clinics, the school offers two highly experienced peripatetic SEND specialist teachers who come into the school to support children in a small group or 1:1 as well as teaching assistant support, if necessary. As pupils move up through the school, a bespoke, individualised curriculum may be put in place for groups of pupils in need.

We aim to give support to narrow any attainment gaps. We strive to enable children to build and maintain a positive attitude to their learning, maintain a sense of self-worth and to recognise their success.

Gifted, Talented and Interested Pupils

Extremely able pupils are identified via INCAS and MIDyis benchmark data, the awarding of scholarships and teacher observation and are extended by the provision of carefully planned extension activities. Such pupils are involved in enrichment activities available both inside and outside school. These activities are also available to pupils, who are particularly interested in the given area. Pupils apply for MENSA every 2 years and are encouraged across the curriculum to undertake independent study, enter competitions and generally to aim high. As a non-selective and inclusive school, our priority is to ensure that the needs of all our pupils are met.


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