Mathematics is taught in ability based groups. By working at the appropriate pace and level, each individual pupil develops confidence in her own ability and makes excellent progress. It is our aim to deliver the most exciting, challenging and enjoyable lessons possible, whilst making the subject relevant and interactive. Pupils study number, algebra, geometry and data handling along with problem solving skills and functional mathematics.

Extra curricular activities

We encourage our pupils to participate in a variety of extra curricular activities, which include:

Lunchtime drop in maths clinics – girls regularly take up the opportunity to get additional one-to-one help with their work.

Maths Club – run by senior girls offering puzzles and games to stimulate their interest in mathematics.

Functional Maths Level 2  – this is equivalent to half a GCSE which is offered to Years 10 and 11 and teaches them the use of maths in everyday situations and the world of work.

Enrichment days – Gifted and Talented pupils from all year groups attend enrichment activities held both in and out of school. They also take part in sessions offered externally by the Further Maths Support Programme.

UKMT (United Kingdom Mathematics Trust) Mathematics Challenge – Many of our pupils enter the Mathematics Challenge, organised by the UK Mathematics Trust and the University of Leeds.

Mymaths – this website is used to consolidate and practise pupils’ skills and promote independent learning. It has the widest topic coverage of any single maths learning resource.

GCSE Maths Cambridge – this website is for Years 10 and 11 with tutorials, quizzes, walkthroughs and worksheets that pupils can use to consolidate their learning.


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