In Modern Foreign Languages, we offer a broad range of activities that are aimed at developing an enthusiasm for languages and cultures and French and Spanish is taught to all our pupils from year 3 upwards. While there is an emphasis on the importance of learning vocabulary and grammar, lessons are active often incorporating drama, songs and games, both traditional and computer-based. Other activities include completing a film project, art-based activities and even aerobics in French! Pupils will become more confident in their own abilities, having established a secure foundation on which they will be able to develop their language skills further, thus enabling them to take their place in the global community.

There is a weekly “MFL clinic” which is available to pupils in all years, enabling them to receive individual support. This is particularly useful for girls who are new to the school and gives them the opportunity to fill in any gaps in their previous experience of the language. We ensure that the needs of the individuals are met, both by offering extra, one-to-one support and by providing extension activities and resources.


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