In Religious Education, pupils have the opportunity to explore both the Old and New Testament with a view to understanding God’s relationship with his people and the mission and message of Christ. Within their time at The Towers, pupils will have gained knowledge of other faiths, especially the three Abrahamic faiths of Christianity, Judaism and Islam. The department strives to educate pupils about their place in the global family by considering their role as stewards of God’s creation, the importance of tolerance and the example of Christ in care for the poor and disadvantaged.

We seek to encourage a deep respect and knowledge of other faiths, striving to build ecumenical and inter-faith relationships by:

  • Creating a safe environment where all people, of whatever race, colour, creed or status, are equally valued and have equal opportunity;
  • ensuring that pupils of other faiths and denominations experience respect for their faith perspective.
  • ensuring that denominational differences are dealt with sensitively, transmitting the recognition that a relationship with Christ is the common treasure which we all share
  • teaching about other faiths with reverence
  • Develop the skills of reflection, discernment, critical thinking, and deciding how to act in accordance with an informed conscience when making ethical decisions.
  • Make a positive difference to themselves and the world by putting their beliefs and values into action.

Extra Curricular Activities

All students have the opportunity to work with the Chaplaincy team in fundraising for charity and for preparation and participation in school liturgies. Students are encouraged to suggest works of charity and to raise whole school awareness through their presentations at school assemblies. Year 11 attend a “Day with a Difference” at a off-site venue. It is a wonderful opportunity for prayer and self-reflection.


RE is a compulsory subject at GCSE.

This syllabus covers the requirements for Religious Studies Edexcel Specification A.


Paper 1: Catholic Christianity (50%)

  • Beliefs and Teachings
  • Practices
  • Sources of Wisdom and Authority
  • Forms of Expression and Ways of Life


Paper 2: Study of a second religion Judaism (25%)

  • Beliefs and Teachings
  • Practices


Paper 3: Philosophy and Ethics – Catholic Christianity (25%)

  • Arguments for the Existence of God
  • Religious Teachings on Relationships and Families in the 21st century

56% of students achieved L7 and above in the 2019 cohort.


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