Year 10 and 11 GCSE History and Drama pupils enjoyed half a day each up at Horsham’s Capitol Theatre last month watching and participating in two interactive plays, which featured GCSE exam-boosting workshops. Year 10 went to see The Doctors Show to help with their Medicine c1250-2019 topic, where an imagined future ‘edutainment’ channel used virtual reality to bring great figures back from the past world of medicine to quiz them about their significance to the medical world. Along with other schools, the girls had to state how much progress they thought was being made in each era whilst watching the highly entertaining and informative show. They had to vote on how successful GCSE pupil answers on each era were in interactive exam workshop sessions throughout, and so became an audience of GCSE examiners for a morning!

Year 11, who watched The Doctors Show last year, this year participated in Hitler On Trial to help with their GCSE topic on Germany 1918-39. They watched a play of an imagined scenario where Hitler had survived the Second World War and was put on trial for a number of crimes, including of course, crimes against humanity. The girls had to judge whether he was guilty in the case of turning Germany into a totalitarian dictatorship – and if found guilty, he would be executed! The show also contained a GCSE exam-boosting workshop where, as with The Doctors Show, the girls had to see how they compared against other schools in deciding what levels and marks to give to GCSE exam answers displayed via a large screen to the whole audience.

The girls had been given pride of place for both shows at the front of either the stalls or the balcony as a “thank-you” for the help they have given the hosting company when they had the unique and privileged role of previously giving feedback on the show’s question booklets and also the GCSE extension booklets, which the hosting company, School History Scene, provides for all pupils attending the show. Last year, Towers girls were lucky enough to meet the actors and School History Scene’s director, Josh Brooman, author of numerous GCSE History textbooks, who commented on how lovely our pupils were. Year 11 have also been helping with resources for the next SHS show, The Inquisition of Queen Elizabeth I, and have been involved in the creation of GCSE resources for pupils around the country.

Undoubtedly these experiences will have helped pupils’ understanding of both GCSE topics and exam questions. As always the girls did the Towers proud!


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