It was a great day, with some excellent netball from all years, terrific house spirit and support shown by everyone. Throughout the day all four houses played each other in a round-robin tournament. Year 11 started the day with great house commitment, with Howard, Clitherow and More all winning two games and losing one, so goals scored for and against each house were added up, resulting in Howard coming first, More second, Clitherow third and Campion fourth.

Clitherow, who won all three games, were the clear winners, when Year 9 and 10 played, with More coming second, Howard third and Campion fourth.

Once again Clitherow were the winners when Year 7 and 8 played with Howard coming 2nd More 3rd and More 4th.

When Years 4, 5 and 6 combined to play, the games were very close with Howard coming first, Campion second, More third and Clitherow fourth.

The last game of the day was Year 11 against the staff, which was a game of two halves. Year 11 got off to a good start taking the lead but the staff soon showed their strength and were leading at half time. The staff continued to played ultimately regaining their title.

All that was left was to announce the overall scores of the matches throughout the day. Overall Campion came fourth, More third, Clitherow second and Howard came first to regain their title as House Netball winners.

Well played everyone!

Miss Swain


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