Fifty years ago this July, Neil Armstrong, Edwin ‘Buzz’ Aldrin and Michael Collins were astronauts on Apollo 11. On July 20, 1969, Armstrong became the first human to step on the moon. The whole Apollo 11 programme required the skills of approximately 400,000 engineers, technicians and scientists. When the three astronauts returned to Earth, they had to stay in quarantine for three weeks as a precaution against spreading unknown infections.
Currently, China is exploring the dark side of the moon. Earlier this year, Chang’e-4 became the first spacecraft to land on the far side of the moon. Potato and cotton seeds, taken to the moon on the Chang’e-4 mission, have begun to sprout. The sprouts mark the first time biological matter has been grown on the moon.
In the next 50 years of space exploration, scientists are hopeful that they will find other life in the universe. The Mars One mission aims to build a permanent human settlement on Mars. The Mars One crews will go to Mars to live, explore, and hopefully create a second home for humankind.

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