“On Thursday the 13th of June, we received the amazing opportunity to go to Salter’s science fair. There we completed two different challenges: The Salter’s challenge and the university challenge. During the afternoon, as our last activity we took part in a chemistry quiz-, which we did our best in. The Salters challenge was a detective task, including chromatography, deducing skills, and the examination and
testing of different chemicals, after an hour and a half of hard work we were finally able to find the thief and the chemical they stole. Then came the hardest experiment, the university challenge; in which, we had to lower the temperature of water from 21°C down to 10.5°C using only citric acid and sodium hydrogen carbonate. We had few instructions (simply what the task was) and no measuring instruments other than a large spatula. With this in mind, we set about completing our task. It took a while and a lot of testing before we finally found the answer, and we were delighted to find out during the prize giving, that we had won the university challenge. This experience was fascinating and stretched our minds considerably.”

Written by the Girls.


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