On the 22nd and 23rd November 2018, The Towers staged its most ambitious production to date; ‘Sister Act 2’. The cast and Mrs Nixon adapted the movie for the stage, using the original story line whilst changing the location and using lots of character improvisation.

The play tells the story of how the manipulative Mr Crisp uses his position, as the school’s Business Manager, to forward his own career. He tries to sell off the building for financial gain regardless of the effect on the school and the community. However, the staff and pupils win through by becoming a winning choir in a national competition and ultimately saving the school.

Every scene had a punchline so we were entertained with comedy, stunning vocal performances as well as a fast-paced, gripping storyline, which kept us on the edge of our seats.

The resulting performance was joyful to behold, with uplifting songs alongside the transformation of badly behaved, disengaged pupils, who were whipped into a winning competition choir by the fabulous lounge singer Delores Van Cartier (the heroine) played by the extremely talented Maisie O. Eva N, as Sister Mary Lazarus, with her superb comedy timing, gave the audience some hilarious moments too. Superb vocal performances came from Alana F-B as the divisively forthright Rita and Amy D with her amazing vocal range, showcased as Amy Kako. Many others deserve a mention but safe to say there was not a weak performer on the stage.

Complete with stained glass windows and a giant flashing neon cross, this truly was a spectacular night out.

Sincere thanks go to Mrs Gray and Mrs Nixon for another outstanding musical.



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