After a disruptive week weather-wise, the sun came out on Thursday 20th June for The Towers 2019 sports day.  Initially the four houses competed against each other in the following events; tennis for Year 7 and 8, rounders for Year 9 and 10 and swimming for the juniors. Howard won Year 7 and 8 tennis with Clitherow winning Year 9 and 10 tennis, Clitherow Year 7 + 8 rounders and More Year 9 and 10 rounders. In the swimming pool Clitherow won for the juniors followed by Howard, More and Campion. The senior house swimming followed with Clitherow winning overall followed by Howard, More and Campion.

The afternoon athletics events started off with the juniors running races on the field. The sun was shining as the parents arrived, it was a great atmosphere.  Campion won the junior running and relay races.  Key Stage one pupils then went on to throwing and target practice activities with Key Stage 2 pupils taking part in athletic throwing activities. More won overall with Campion second followed by Howard and Clitherow.

The senior athletics events started with a range of field events, shot, javelin, vortex, rounders ball, quoits, hurdle jump and standing long jump.  A few of last year’s records were broken. Chiara in Year 7 and Annabel Year 10 made new vortex records by both throwing over 34 meters.  Two further records were made in the standing long jump by Iyana Year 8 and Lottie in Year 10. In the quoits event Chiara in Year 9 threw over 30 meters. More won the senior field events.

Lastly, Clitherow won both the senior athletic running and relay races. Once all the scores were added up it was clear that there were only 10 points between the top two houses. Campion and Howard came joint 3rd, More came 2nd with 240 points and Clitherow won with 250 points. It was a great day for the whole school.

Miss Swain


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