“On STEM day, we did lots of exciting things and we had such a fun day. There were two groups, Apollo and NASA, I was in Apollo. There were other schools there as well. STEM means science, technology, engineering art and maths.

First, we did ICT and we made animations on scratch about rockets flying into space or to earth.

After that was playtime and we had cookies and a drink (that was yummy)

After our yummy snack we had maths and we were estimating where the planets were from the sun to Pluto, mine were way off! Then we did the sizes of the planets with fruit.

Then we had science and that was the best part of the day! We used Bunsen burners to fire up rockets. We used liquid hydrogen and made popping noises. We had another science lesson with Mrs Baker, we were doing tests, and fiddley things that space men would have to do.

Next, we had a space themed lunch, which was hotdogs and rocket lollies.

Our last lesson was art and we were drawing pictures that inspired us of space (that got a bit messy!).

My favourite part of the day was defiantly science, getting to wear goggles and coats and using the Bunsen burners.

It was such a fun day!”

By Belle


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