All of the drama’s in the afternoon of March 14th were amazing and seeing them a second time was even more fantastic than the first. It was amazing and shocking how many parents and visitors came that night during open evening, thank you all for your support of the year 8’s.

There were six groups who were given different colours to include in their dramas and all explored different themes. They also had to incorporate music, stylised dance and a poem. The yellow group won and the reds came second. Well done both teams as it was extremely hard to choose because they were all brilliant, all of the synchronised dances were amazing and fluent, good songs were chosen as well.

Thank you to all of the lighting crew who helped on the day, you were so helpful and if we did not have you, I think we would be in a lot of trouble!

Thank you to the wonderful Mrs Nixon and Mrs Gray for helping us all out and judging the performances.

Thank you all who came and I hope you can come next time!

Taylor H


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