We were delighted to take two year groups of GCSE History students away to sites in London to support their GCSE History topic of Medicine in Britain c.1250-2018.

We started off by visiting the Alexander Fleming Museum, where we saw the very laboratory where Fleming discovered penicillin back in 1928. The coach then battled the traffic to take us to Regent’s Street where we walked through the Soho area of London to investigate the Cholera outbreak and have lunch at a mystery destination! This turned out to be the function room of the John Snow pub in Soho, outside of which was the famous pump that Snow disconnected the handle of to prove his theory that cholera was transmitted through dirty water.

Our glasses of water with our lunch were thankfully very pure and we then travelled to our favourite destination for the day, the Old Operating Theatre Museum. Here, Gareth the museum manager took us through a fascinating workshop on surgery in the 19th century and Eva N was operated on, providing us with a fantastic performance as always – this time of fear of the 19th century operating instruments!

Finally we explored the Florence Nightingale Museum at St Thomas’s Hospital, taking in the work of Bazalgette and Mary Seacole en route before returning to school.  The girls were all brilliant and we hope to repeat the trip in another two years.  In the new year, year 10 girls will be watching The Doctors’ Show up in Horsham where they will be participating in an interactive show and meeting the cast and crew. Year 11 will also be in Horsham that day – in a different show and workshop called Hitler On Trial where they will have to decide Hitler’s guilt in an imaginary trial set in 1946 where he survived WWII.

Despite our trials of traffic on our voyage to, from and around London back in October for our Medicine trip, the girls were all brilliant and were briefly rewarded with some much-needed downtime for shopping or hot chocolate in the famous Carnaby Street. Our special thanks go to Mrs Blackmore-Saunders for her brilliant organization as usual, Mr & Mrs Doughty for giving up their time and Ms Godfrey for making the trip even more fun and providing our own medical care if needed!  The trip was researched and created by Year 11s in a year 10 homework last year, and those whose work helped the trip happen most were Kira F and Alana FB, the latter who sadly was poorly on the day and unable to attend the trip she helped create. Thanks to them both for helping create a trip which will hopefully become a bi-annual Towers event.

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