Year 7 embarked upon this adventure with a two team orienteering task in our school grounds and Upper Beeding Village.  They were given initial clues to solve, revealing their next clue site, and told to collect letters to solve an anagram which defuses a bomb (Piñata filled with sweets).  No more motivation was needed!  This task was full of challeneges: map reading, clue solving and teamwork.  Along the way we stoped for icecream and finished in the park for our picknic lunch and Pinata. Year 7 whole-heartedly embraced the challenges presented to them and had a lot of fun along the way!

(Eating Ice-cream was no a challenge for these expeditioners!)

(Having solved the anagram – ‘FRIENDSHIP’ –  it’s Piñata time!)

(Picnic in the park)

In the afternoon, back on school grounds, a variety of whole group and smaller team challenges completed this day!

‘Box challenge’: Moving as a team through ‘alligator infested swamps’ using only the boxes provided.

‘Blindfolded string trail’

‘You raise me up’:  Floating a ping-pong ball to the top of a cylinder peppered with holes.

‘Senseless’:  With limited senses rebuilding a model.

‘Cat & Mouse’

Our girls thoroughly enjoyed their Team Building, Leadership and Skills Day getting to know each other a little more as the day progressed.  During our ‘Pow Wow’ (reflection), our girls were asked to summarise what they have learnt about themselves and each other.  Here is a selection of their thoughts.

I learnt that…

  • …sometimes you have to fail a task, several times, before you learn how to work best as a team and achieve your goal.
  • …it’s best to listen and plan ideas before rushing into the task. (Although it can be fun to do this and get wet!)
  • …I need to be louder, not underestimate myself, and share my ideas.
  • …good leadership involves listening, being understanding and making a decision.
  • …I can read a map.
  • …to be an effective team you need to listen, be considerate, encourage others and be forgiving.
  • …I have lots in common with my year group.


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